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Half day – 3 hours
Full Day – 6 hours
A. Leadership 

Topic – 

Developing the Leader Within You

6 Keys to Becoming a Dynamic Leader


To train leaders by fostering self-awareness of their leadership potential and developing their leadership skills.

To better equip individuals to lead their team to unprecedented heights. To improve the overall morale, culture, and the bottom line of the company by developing the leadership skills of each participant.

To assist in the development of business and community leaders who will contribute to the betterment of the world around them.


-To equip individuals with the practical tools needed for great leadership by laying the foundational framework of leadership.

-To further develop the process of becoming a highly effective leader through the advanced principles of leadership.
-Each attendee will takeaway tangible skills that will enable them to lead proficiently at work, home, and in their community.
*BO= Indicates a Break Out Session is Included.
*Small prizes and gifts are given away to winning teams.
I.   The Law of the Lid – (BO)
II.  The Law of Solid Ground – (BO)
III. The Law of Connection
IV.  The Law of Influence – (BO)
V.   The Law of Navigation – (BO)
VI.  The Law of Intentionality
B. Personal Growth
Topic: Born, The Blue Print to Accomplish what you were Created to do.
This high energy presentation will help the attendees Identify and Prioritize their talents and gifts. Enthusiasm will be generated as each participant is taught the importance of a Game Plan and Execution. Interactive and engaging breakout sessions, along with fun exercises are emphasized during this highly requested personal growth workshop.
This 7 step process will illustrate how to turn dreams into a reality:
*Takeaway: The attendees will learn practical steps that will push them, closer and closer, towards goal attainment.
1. Identify
2. Envision
3. Prioritize
4. Game Plan
5. Execute (Lock-in to the process)
6. Re-Evaluate your inner circle
7. Stay Focused: Avoid Dr. Procrastination